Who Bunny Dunnit’

A clue solving Easter elimination game

Date: March 26th & 27th 2016

Time: 1pm & 4pm

Location: Brick Lane – East(er) London


What’s up doc?

Unleash your inner child and have some fun on the streets of London with a treasure hunt style street game. There will be clues to unravel, eggs to find and several naughty bunnies to sort out.

Imagine Cluedo but with rabbits!

Someone in the Easter bunny camp has been causing chaos around Brick Lane – your job is to figure out which one! Through careful deduction of the evidence collected and interviews with the witnesses, you must solve the puzzle and face your accused bunny head on in the finale. Can you solve all the clues in time? Analyse the paw prints and get the right one? Let’s find out.

When you arrive, we will place everyone in to teams and then the hunt will begin ! The afternoon’s finale will reveal all with plenty of chocolate eggs and prizes to be won. Although the game will be challenging enough to get you thinking, the aim is a fun afternoon with friends and there will be ample opportunities for drinks stops if you choose.

Book a non member ticket – limited spaces available. 

As you’ve already played one of our games you get a discount. Usually £15 + £60 Team ticket.