Creepy Halloween photos we wish we’d never seen

28th October 2015

Enough to put us off our lunch. And children. And aardvarks.

Some of the creepy Halloween photos we found while looking for our Halloween party costumes…

Creepy aardvarks

Aardvarks can be scary. Who knew?

Vintage Halloween aardvarks

Image from Visual News

Creepy kids

We’re still trying to work out what the one in the middle is supposed to be?!

Creepy Halloween photos: 1940s Halloween costumes for kids

Photo from Vanished Americana

Creepy Halloween puppet

Look into its eyes. We dare you.

Scary Halloween puppet: creepy Halloween photos

Photo by wxmom on Flickr

Creepy man in the woods

Who is he? What does he want? And why is he looking at me like that?

Scary man in the woods

Photo from McCord Museum on Flickr

Creepy clowns


Creepy Halloween photos: clowns

Photo from Wikipedia Commons

Creepy scarecrows (?)

We don’t know.

Vintage scarecrows

Image from Visual News

Creepy postcard

We can’t work out whether it’s the crazy moon in the background, the looks on the kids’ faces or the crazy lanterns that scares us more.

Creepy Halloween photos: Vintage Halloween postcard from 1940s/50s

Photo from riptheskull on Flickr

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