Creators Exchange: Runners Up!!

2nd December 2013

So thinking bob applied recently to join the Creator Exchange. It’s a two-day programme in partnership with BBC World Labs where YouTube creators work together with startups to plan and produce a video about their business in the style of each YouTube creator.

Thinking Bob were paired with the chirpy duo of Brad & Sam who do all sorts of pranks and public “Vox Boxing” – going out armed with a camera and microphone to see what the general public make of them.

The fusion between the two came from the idea that actually the funniest bits of footage isn’t from the successes of getting people to talk to you, but the new and ingenious ways people actually try to ignore you or avoid you. This highlights the need for thinking bob in the big city where it can be difficult to find your kind of penguins people.

We finished as runners up in the competition which was amazing given the incredibly stiff competition that we were up against… Below you can see the result of hours of refusals and blankings on London’s busy streets and bars!

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