Museum of Childhood

V&A Treasure Hunt Clues


    1. Solve the 10 clues below each worth 2 points each. The bolded parts indicate what you need to find.
    2. One point for the correct display – One point for the correct answer.
    3. They vary in difficulty  – some have clear Location indicators some do not.
    4. There are bonus points on offer for each of the “Just for Fun” tasks completed. Each bonus task is worth 1 extra point.

“Just for fun”


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camera Acting like a child.


camera Frolicking in the sand.


camera  Playing a game.


Answer the 10 Clues and the additional bonus challenges for points!


1. LOCATION: pringolex liarmates (unmix)

His head was twice cooked, his clothes are tailor made. Though French be in his naming, by which country was he made?

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2. LOCATION: Upstairs

A house that is drawing in the past, how many eggs on the table?

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3. LOCATION: No, not made by adults.

How many elephants did the cow-like family make?

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4. LOCATION: Look for inspiration

This Queen seems large next to the model, though she is younger by many years.

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5. LOCATION: Elona thawori drenif (unmix)

If you seek eight eyes in a large head, to what girl are you led?

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6. LOCATION: Falling, attraction and turning

In this place, though it sounds weird, four hairless coleoptera who could even have beards

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7. LOCATION: Where you can marvel at direct currents perhaps
Twixt 100 pages and an oddly-coloured light, a similarly-coloured man is caught in metal plight.

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8. LOCATION: Somewhere between here and Australia

A table set, a choice of food to see. Where you eat it on sounds like a piano, strangely.

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9. LOCATION: The May king pro says somewhere sounding like this.

What claw maketh a man?

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10. LOCATION: Games that make you think

What unfinished building hangs your opponent?

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