Celebrities with Secret Geeky Hobbies

6th November 2016

As a general rule, contemporary culture does not celebrate or reward our celebrity overlords for attributes like geekiness. Beauty, certainly. Wealth, power and status – we can’t get enough! But straight-up comic-book-loving, video-game-obsessing nerdiness is a rare and beautiful thing to behold in big, brash Hollywood…which is why we’ve decided to honour it here.

At Thinking Bob, we believe in the power of geek – which is why most of our socials are designed with at least a little cerebral stimulation in mind. Here are a few celebs who we think would definitely agree.

Nicholas Cage is…a comic book nerd

When you think of Nicholas Cage, your mind will no doubt wander straight to an image of that long, method-actory face walking grumpily away from a variety of exploding cars. What may not spring to mind is that same long, method-actory face exploding into spasms of glee over a comic book. Yep, he’s been a certified comic book obsessive since his teens, and since amassing all that vast wealth has acquired one of the most expensive comics ever published – an immaculate copy of Action Comics #1. He also called his kids Kal-El. Nice.

Comic Books

Natalie Portman is good at…well, everything

Unquestionably the world’s most beautiful nerd, Natalie is less a geek and more just a professional slice of perfection put on earth to make everyone else look that little bit worse. To start with, she’s more or less a genius, (4.0 high school GPA, went to Harvard, competed in the Intel Science Talent semifinals – how’d you like them apples?), plus she’s authored scientific papers and WAS IN STAR WARS WHILST STILL AT HIGH SCHOOL. Feeling worthless yet?  You should be.

Vin Diesel’s loves…Dungeon and Dragons

Professional oily-tough-dude Vin Diesel is packing some serious geek heat beneath those rippling pecs. Far from the car-spinning, girl-winning image he projects on screen, IRL he’s been playing dungeons and dragons since the 1970’s and by all accounts, really really likes it. So much so that he’s got one of his character’s names tattooed on his stomach, plus he also wrote the foreword to a book on D&D. Oh, and he’s a huge comic book nerd too.

Rosario Dawson is a badass Trekkie

Despite the Hollywood looks and kickass parts, Rosario is geek through and through. She’s known for being a huge Trekkie (she can speak Klingon) and created her own comic book series, O.C.T (Occult Crimes Taskforce). She says this on geekery: “Geek to me is a really exclusive, really particular type of club, and it’s been really nice to be included. To be called a geek so much lately has been kind of fascinating. I’ve always wanted to be a geek.” You heard the woman.

Star Trek

Rod Stewart is…the world’s only rock star trainspotter

It’s well known that plenty of old boys have a penchant for model train sets – but Rod isn’t just any old boy. He’s a certified rock and roll god who just so happens to have a full-size model train set at home. Every three years he appears on the cover of Model Railroader magazine, which he claims is ‘better than Rolling Stone’. He’s well known in the modelling community thanks to his 1,500-square-foot scale model of Grand Central Station in New York. Choo choo!

Feeling inspired? We can’t promise you the mansions or the screaming fans – but we can promise you loads of geeky fun at one of our socials. Try cocktails and cryptic crosswords, hit the books at Poppy Loves Book Club or use your grey stuff to escape the room.

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