Uncover The British Museum 2019

Britain’s Secret Treasures Trail


  1. Keeping it simple find the bolded parts of the 11 clues, worth 2 points each.
  2. There are bonus points on offer for each of the “Just for Fun” tasks completed. Each bonus task is worth 1 extra point.
  3. Clues 1-6 are confined to right hand half of the ground floor while clues 7-11 can be found on Level 3.

“Just for fun”


Tweet A Photo Tweet a group photo to @thinkingbob


camera Take a fun photo with a new statue friend.


camera Take a photo of at least 2 people in your group re-enacting a scene from the Museum.
Answer the 11 Clues and the additional bonus challenges for points!


1. Broaden your Horizons and you’ll find Reverend Davis and a Smoking Monk, but what is this particular monk’s job?

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2. All the way from Bucks four Staggered beasts you will find, one boar, one bear, but which creature stands tall and reigns above them all?

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3. You find yourself at the Birth of Archaeology. Cotton didn’t think these were immaterial, nine are whole where one is hole but what are they?
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4. If the shoe were on the other foot for this particular Roman it Wouldn’t be Right. But where is his sandal from?

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5. Facing out from a rather Jaded crowd, May-an object so small really be the Noblest of them all? What is it made from?
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6.  Look out! The Apocalypse is High. Disease, War, Famine and Death hang over us all but from which City did they originate?
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7. A Lyre I may be but I was definitely saved from Death by a Sheepish man. What colour am I?

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8.  A warrior on horseback is the first Greek in Italy, small but mighty – where was he made?
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9. If you rearrange a Centaurs world you will find me standing next to gold, but compared to my fellows I cost an Arm and a Leg. What am I made from?
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10. It’s no Skin off my back but for one unlucky creature this suit of armour was just that – which one?
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11. Fake it ‘til you make it – that’s no problem in counterfeit. They may not be worth their weight in gold but how many pounds were lost to make this display?
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