Thinking Bob’s Secrets to being a good friend

19th May 2015

18th – 24th May is Old Friends New Friends Week and here at thinking bob we know a few things about being good friends.

Follow these top tips and you’ll make friends quickly with thinking bob… enjoy!

1. Be happy to see people


2. Be a gracious winner – no one wants a show off


3. If there are free drinks on offer – grab loads and share

4. Use the QI cards to strike up some interesting conversation…


…not to throw at people


5. Give out a little hug every now and again


6. Take one for the team and offer yourself up as the game mascot


7. Buy the host a drink


8. High five success


9. If you don’t know any answers in the Pub quiz – make your team laugh with other skills


Like this


10. And, most of all, just be yourself and you’ll fit right in


How do we make meeting new people so fun and easy?

We know London can be a tough city, conversations with strangers are not the norm so how do you ever make new friends?Surround yourself with lots of people on your wavelength and enjoy yourself, that’s how.

Every month we host 50 socials designed to make it really easy to meet people. Whether it’s a mystery treasure hunt, late night specials at London’s fantastic museums, a pub quiz with real buzzers or a picnic in the park, our members are never bored of London with so many new people to meet!

Coming on your own? Hate small talk? No problem! Our events take the awkwardness out of making new friends.

Go forth and make new friends

Love from Bob xx

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