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Unusual things to do in London this week with Thinking Bob: 23rd – 29th January

Up for some geeky, interesting and unusual things to do in London this week? We’ve got you covered…

Take a look at our recommended selection of events that are too good to miss this week.

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  • Through the eyes of a member: A quiz story!

    May 30, 2013
    As a newbie to the Thinking Bob concept, I had a lot of different expectations.

    Sure, I had heard and read about the club and its different events, but I was still not certain what I was about to throw myself into. Amongst the clutter of different social clubs and events you can find in London, Thinking Bob stood out to me as a unique club as it focused on connecting people with similar personalities rather than just people with common interests.

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  • So, how does it feel to be a winner?

    May 16, 2013

    Surely there are quite a few people who think that a game of rock-paper-scissors doesn’t necessarily stand for a Friday evening well spent. And honestly: Who can blame them? In most cases it probably means that you don’t have enough friends for a game of Monopoly, and the one friend you have is probably a bit odd!
    Actually, I was one of those sceptics before I joined thinkingbob – and they proved me wrong… There is a slight chance my opinion is biased due to the fact I won! (and I still find this incredibly awesome), but let’s start from the beginning.

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  • Through the eyes of a member

    May 10, 2013
    ‘True or false: in 1962, the Dutch killed and ate their Prime Minister.’

    How’s that for a conversation starter?

    That was exactly the question I was trying to answer on a recent Saturday afternoon, sat at an interactive table with a glass of wine and some very good thai food. Oh, and not forgetting five people I’d met not ten minutes earlier.
    The question was part of a conversation late lunch Thinking Bob event and it did indeed start a very interesting conversation.

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