6 beautiful photos of London that prove rain is a GOOD thing

1st June 2016

It’s a common misconception that rain in London is anything but a wonderful thing. In actual fact, our city is beautiful, brooding, and full of opportunity in wet weather, if you take another look…

1. Rain = gorgeous sunsets…

One Tree Hill London

PIcture credit: Ray Wewerka on Flickr

2. …and double the awe-inspiring landmarks thanks to wet pavements.

London in the rain

Picture credit: Glass&Tubes on Flickr

3. You can’t get a better view than a rainy twilight at the Southbank.

Southbank in the rain

PIcture credit: Steve Harris on Flickr

4. The tourists aren’t so keen…

Buckingham Palace in the rain

Picture credit: samaja on Flickr

5. …so you can see another side to your city.

London in the rain

PIcture credit: .craig on Flickr

6. …and enjoy skylines like this.

Serpentine Gallery in the rain, London

PIcture credit: Peter Sigrist on Flickr

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