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14th August 2014

math jams


No matter if you work with patients, databases or C# what makes a thinking bobber is their hunger for knowledge, improvement and fun…and then maybe alcohol.  But that last one’s up to you.

Does this sound like you?

New ideas and ways of thinking really excite you.

You even like crazy hypothetical conversations with new people because every idea is unique and note-worthy. Besides, bouncing ideas off each other could lead to the next big app idea: look out Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood-  there’s a new big cheese in town.

You appreciate the English Language

You’re not a pedant: and when people use the wrong capitalisation, plurals or punctuation- you let it slide… but BIG misspellings, Americanisms and unnecessary abbreviations do annoy you. – Duz the spellin of color make u devo’d? Us too.

Don’t even get us started on overused emoji’s, text-speak and lol. “C u l8r?” – Hmm, we’re not sure.

You’re a techie

You’ve been accused of having you finger on the pulse when it comes to software updates, new releases and products. You don’t think iPhone 3’s are retro: you think they’re ancient.


What’s the BEST thing about being a thinking-bobber?

Finding people to ‘get’ you.


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