Treasure hunts and street games in London: a unique way to discover your city

As Londoners we rush past places that people come halfway across the world to see every day. We’re all guilty of walking everywhere with our heads in our phones, but that means we miss those interesting bits that make our city so special.

Thinking Bob‘s London treasure hunts and street games are designed to make you look up and appreciate every last detail of your surroundings.

In fact, without looking around you, it would be impossible to answer our clues…

Deduction: a Sherlock street game from thinking bob

So, how does it work?

While every thinking bob street game or treasure hunt has its own backstory and quirks, our tried-and-tested formula means there’s never a dull moment:

  • We’ll split the group up into small teams and arm you with your tasks, plus a map of the area or a guide if you’ll need it. If you’ve got a smartphone, it’s a good idea to bring it fully charged.
  • Don’t worry if you’re coming on your own as most other people will be too – half of the fun is getting to know your team mates.
  • You’ll have a couple of hours to find the answers to the questions we’ve set you. No special knowledge required – all the answers will be available around you. You’ll just need to spot them…
  • To keep you on your toes you’ll also need to complete a couple of extra-special tasks for bonus points.

Once the winners have been crowned and prizes handed out, we’ll commence drinking bob and get to know each other a bit better in the pub.

All of our street games and treasure hunts are completely original – they’re written by a member of our team from scratch. We also take questions straight from each location so that the answers can’t be found on Google – which means you’ll learn something new about London on every hunt!

Want a taste? A few of our recent hunts…


Race through the streets of Marylebone and help Sherlock Holmes find out ‘Who dunnit?’

Deduction - Sherlock Holmes street game in London

Is Pastor Verde the culprit? Or even Bette Noir? And why isn’t Sherlock on the case himself? Only one way to find out on our most popular tour – check out the photos from previous Deductions here.

The East(er) Hunt: Who Bunny Dunnit?

Our annual Easter street game around east London – imagine Cluedo but with rabbits!

Unravel our fiendish clues, find some eggs and sort out several naughty bunnies. Check out the photos at our Facebook page.

Easter street game in London with thinking bob

The Festive Hunt

Penguin, pudding or snowman? Choose wisely, as your team’s mascot will have to overcome some devilish obstacles – in return for some bonus points.

Festive treasure hunt in London with thinking bob

Discover the National Gallery

Solve the riddles on the trail around the London’s National Gallery, taking clues from the  beautiful exhibits along the way – and of course get to know this beautiful lot! (More photos here!)

National Gallery treasure hunt

You’re Fired! The Apprentice Street Game

Hunt down items, negotiate the best bargain, brainstorm the most imaginative solution to take the victory for your team and become Lord Sweetener’s thinking bob apprentice!

make new friends at thinking bob

Ready to go?

Where: Intriguing streets, beguiling museums and beautiful galleries across London

When: Find your next treasure hunt

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