Smart talking socials in London: serious-ly fun

Get your discussion hat on for thinking bob‘s smart talking socials: a brain-tickling, sharp-witted, nerd-and-proud set of events that are guaranteed to get those brain synapses charged!

While all our socials – including our treasure hunts, pub quizzes and escape games – are full of cerebral fun, our smart talking events are a bit more in-depth, while still being open for all our members to enjoy.

A few of our regular smart talking socials

Is Debate Dead? Not At Thinking Bob

Indulge yourself in discussion about everything from London life to the silliest inventions known to man.

Is Debate Dead: London debate night with thinking bob

Unlike most traditional debating clubs, we make sure everyone feels comfortable to have their say, and there will be opportunities to talk in smaller groups if you’re feeling shy.

Pub Philosophy and Pub Science

Is Debate Dead - debating night at thinking bob

Two of our most popular events and hosted by our lovely members: Sion and Kristy. No academic or philosophical background is necessary – only a passion for inquiry. Just sign up, come along and enjoy.

Puzzled Pint

Puzzled Pint social with thinking bob

Puzzled Pint takes place on the second Tuesday of every month in various locations around the world. We join in with the London event, at a secret location that’s only revealed if you can solve a puzzle posted on the Friday beforehand.

Poppy Loves Book Club

Reading on the tube: book club London

Poppy Loves Book Club sees women all over the world reading the same book at the same time and then coming together, often with the author, to discuss it. We join the London group for an evening of girls-only discussion and dilemma.

Board games café

Draughts board games cafe in London

Our monthly jaunt to Draughts – London’s first board game café. Choose from hundreds of different games, from Cluedo to Game Of Thrones, from Hungry Hippos to Cards of Humanity… and they do a lovely cider too.

Brain in gear? Then let’s begin…

Where? Lovely pubs, exciting bars and famous TV studios across central London

When? Find our next smart talking social

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