Simply social: events for new members, or just for the fun of it!

There’s nothing like a relaxing trip to the pub (or the park) with some friendly faces, especially after a long day at work. And if you’re anything like us, then you love doing something completely different with your downtime.

Which is where thinking bob, London’s number one socials club, fits in. So come and say hello – and be greeted by some smiling faces just like these ones…

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While all our socials are built around having fun and meeting like-minded people, these events are a bit more relaxed and are a perfect introduction to the club.

Come along and see what you think – no pressure. If you like what you see then it’s very likely you’ll love our bobbers!

Here’s what you could be getting up to this week…

Come meet the team at a New Member Monday


A chance for new members to pop in for a drink and meet one of the team. This is great if you want to find out more about the website, which socials are right for you or if you’re interested in getting stuck straight in and becoming a host.

Nothing hectic – a few drinks and a chat to kick off your week.

Talk to some strangers at… Talking To Strangers!

Talking to Strangers London

Small tables + topic cards = more interesting conversations!

Light-hearted topic cards steer you away from the typical (often dull!) small talk that comes with meeting new people. We’ll move you around every once in while to make sure you meet plenty of new faces.

Have a good run around at Retro Sports Day

Our annual (and infamous!) Retro Sports Day takes place in Regent’s Park every year. We’ll take over a space in the park, don our trainers and play some good ol’ fashioned British sports day games: think egg and spoons, sack races and egg throwing!

After we’ve had enough running around, we’ll relax and enjoy the rest of the sun with a picnic and some drinks.

Test your wits at a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament

Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament in London

Who will be crowned our next RPS champion and win a coveted thinking bob medal? Only time will tell. What’s your strategy?

Feed your stomach and your brain at a Conversation Dinner

St George's Day QI Conversation Dinner

Not just any old dinner party – oh no! Our dinners are designed to get conversation flowing. At each one (either in the evening or during the day at a weekend) you’ll find a box of fact cards, each with one true statement and one false one. But can you guess which one is which?

A taste of our QI dinners… which facts are true?

The Orange Statements:

      • McDonald’s sells 150 hamburgers every second of every day.
      • Lignumaphobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.
      • Coca cola was first invented to be used as a medicine.

The Purple Statements:

      • One fast food hamburger may contain meat from 100 different cows.
      • Consecotaleophobia is the fear of chopsticks.
      • Ketchup was used as a medicine in the 1800s to treat diarrhoea, among other things.

Which do you think is true?

Catch a London museum on the quiet at a museum late

Bullshit tour of the British Museum

Explore some of London’s most famous museums with no kids around to ruin the fun!

Museum lates evenings are the best way to experience these incredible places without the crowds. So we’ve made it our mission to squeeze lates at the Science Museum, London Zoo and the Natural History Museum into our calendar every month they’re on.

Explore the streets with a walking tour

Yeah, you could book yourself on a traditional London walking tour and you could see the city with a bunch of tourists that you’ll never see again. But, like most things in life, it’s better when you do it with new friends!

Choose from our regular walking tours (east London and Guy Fawkes being among our favourites), our London liars tours (can you guess which facts are correct?) or our comedy ‘Bullshit’ tours (just for laughs).

Play rock ‘n’ roll bingo at Bogan Bingo

Bogan Bingo

Join us as a couple of beer swilling, rock ‘n’ roll loving, trailer trash bingo-calling hosts treat us to their Edinburgh Fridge Festival-acclaimed alternative comedy show – Bogan Bingo!

Throw in an air guitar competition, some classic 80s anthems, a bucketful of crap dance moves and you’ve got a perfect Thursday night of chaotic entertainment.

Ready to meet your new friends?

Where: The greatest pubs, parks and museums across London.

When: Find your next social

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