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What our members say…

Kristy and Richard

kristy and richard
“There are only so many times you can say what you do for a job or why you moved to London without getting bored. Thinking Bob activities mean that you don’t actually have to have that conversation – you can just spend a few hours with people and have fun!”
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Thinking Bob member since January 2015

“I was blown away by how friendly and welcoming every one was. One particular feature I like is that even in events that are more structured (like the quiz nights, or treasure hunts), teams include both new and experienced members.”

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Thinking Bob member since March 2014

“After one or two events you basically feel part of a giant family and a loving community… There is SO much shared enjoyment of all sorts of interests and passions.”

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Thinking Bob member since June 2013

Saliya - thinking bob member

“I was born in London and have lived here all my life – that’s over 30 years. But if you were to ask me when I actually started experiencing London? The answer to that would be “well, about two years ago…”

That’s when my Thinking Bob adventure began…”

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Thinking Bob member since January 2015

Thinking Bob member: Kenny

“Whatever you think thinking bob is, forget it. You’ve never done anything quite like it, because there isn’t anything quite like it. It defies simple explanation… it’s the best quid I ever spent.”

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Thinking Bob member since October 2014

Sofie: thinking bob member review

“I know that I will never tire of London or feel like I am missing out on everything that the city has to offer. I will never regret clicking the join button and I can’t wait for all the future events and new people that I will meet.”

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Thinking Bob member since May 2013

Thinking bob members: charlotte

“It was at ‘drinking Bob’ that I met a former flatmate (still a friend!), my future bridesmaid AND my boyfriend. Not counting the many other wonderful people I have swapped numbers, email addresses and war stories with.”

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Thinking Bob member since December 2013

phil 6

“The great thing about being a bobber is that you can become part of a community. I have made so many good friends and hope to make many more.

“In fact I felt so at home with Bob that I decided to take it to the next level and start hosting my own events.”

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And the press… review

“Two years ago I was single and friendless after moving to London for a doomed relationship.

“Now I have a close group of friends, a working knowledge of the best pubs in the city and I just bought a house with the love of my life.

“And I did it all by going on ‘friendship blind dates’.”

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LondOn The Inside

London On The Inside review

“After two hours we had made some friends, we had shared some laughs, we got a free light bulb from an obliging market stall owner, we tried and failed to find a lion statue, and we collectively haggled for a discounted hash pop… why not give Thinking Bob a try?”

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Runaway Kiwi

runaway kiwi

“I think the way Thinking Bob manages to work this magic is to host specific events for new members, so everyone is on the same page. Seriously people who knew each other were not hanging in a corner sneering, they were deliberately going up and meeting other people.

This may be the holy grail of friendly Londoners.”

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Secret LDN

secret ldn

“With over 10,000 profiles on the website and 60 events per month, we couldn’t really think of a better way to meet new people, exercise your brain cells and try totally new experiences.”

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