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What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind? Are you a maths mogul? A film nerd or a history buff?

Or do you just pride yourself on your skill with plasticine and tin foil?

If the answer is ‘yes, yes, YES!’ to any of the above, then join us for a night of nerdy fun and friendly new people.

Thinking Bob pub quiz in London

Not one but THREE types of quiz nights!


We divide the group into a few teams of five – you’ll be sat with a mixture of new and long-standing members and you’ll have a picture round to get you talking.

Buzzer quiz night London - thinking bob

We’ll keep things moving with some of our infamous buzzer rounds (fastest finger first!), video rounds and more puzzling questions to work out on your question sheets. Then out comes the tin foil/plasticine and we’ll get you to create something of our choosing to show off your creative side…


As the name suggests, our gameshow quizzes are more energetic than our usual pub quiz nights.

game show pub quiz night in London

We’ll divide the group into two big teams, with each team taking it in turns to choose from one of four rounds.

Choose wisely… the harder the game, the more points you’ll collect for your team.

  • Be creative: can you get a message to your team using only your creativity? Or are you just good at drawing stick men? Let’s find out…
  • Chatterbox: either talk for 60 seconds on a topic of our choosing without hesitation, repetition or deviation, or battle it out in a Word War with a member of the opposing team.
  • IQ showdown: fact or fiction? Decide between your team for a big bobbing point.
  • Break a leg: act out your given topic using either your own body parts, or your team mate’s. Easy? Er, no. Funny? Oh yes!

We’ll also throw in a few surprises along the way to keep you on your toes…

Retro TV games

Themed pub quizzes in London
Bring back your childhood with our range of 80s and 90s-themed interactive gameshows! A fun-filled and definitely different way to get your quizzing fix.

  • Bob-busters: A game of knowledge, quick-thinking and of course big yellow hexagons.
  • Wheel of Bobtune: Themed around the infamous hangman inspired phenomenon; spin the wheel and reveal those bright letters to win.
  • Bob’s Break: Strut your stuff around billiard tables to win the ultimate Bob prizes! Is it your turn to win a speed boat? Come and see.
  • Bobseye: Prepare yourself for a game of wit, darts and an average throwing arm as teams compete against each other in knock-out rounds to win your very own Bob!
  • Bobily Fortunes: A game of fastest-finger-first action, hilarious incorrect answers and of course the infamous ‘X’ buzzer! Eh-uhh…

No need to gather a team – we have one waiting for you

Don’t worry if you’re feeling shy. Everyone comes on their own, and that’s the fun of it – and there will be plenty of team questions and drink breaks so you can get to know one another.

thinking bob medals

Oh and not forgetting drinking bob afterwards, when we’ll get to know each other a bit more.

Our members say…

“Pub quizzes are the best nights for banter, smack talk and general knowledge. They are some of the fun-est nights out I have had!”

Roxie (read the full story here)

Ready to get busy at a thinking bob quizzy?

Where: Pubs, bars and boats (yes, boats!) across London – all within walking distance of a central London Tube station.

When: Find our next pub quiz

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