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‘thinking bob is where clever people go to play!’ Londonist

How it works

1. Create a simple profile, choose your first social and enjoy your first month free. 

This gives you the opportunity to choose from over 60 events and socials a month. You can cancel at anytime before you pay . Your first month of membership is free – only after this do you start paying your membership which you can choose from options that cost as little as £9 a month. Click Here to Sign Up Now!

2. Attend your first signature social and meet one of the team. 

These are relaxed, friendly socials hosted by someone from team bob – marked in purple on the calendar. We’ve personally met all of our members so no fake profiles here.

3. Start building your social circle and take control of your social life.

As a bobber you can fill up your diary with more signature socials, create your own thing, or join a social created by someone else.

Each time you meet someone you get along with you add them to your social circle area within your account. This allows you to keep in contact with them, see what events they’re going to and create ‘friends only’ private events.

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Other bits and ‘Bobs’…

Our story

Find out how Bob came to be, who we are and what we’re about.

Organise a social

Host your own social or become a thinking bob host for some extra membership perks!


Read the nice things our lovely members have to say about us.

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