9 irreplaceable friendship moments that you can’t get online

17th June 2015

Facebook, Twitter and, er, the thinking bob website might be great for making friends, but when it comes to cultivating long-lasting, fulfilling friendships, you can’t beat meeting up and sharing real-life experiences.

Here are 9 offline friendship moments that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside…

1. A text is no substitute for a belly laugh between good friends.

Gameshow pub quiz London

2. You can’t catch up in the sunshine on Instagram.

Summer picnic social in London

3. Silliness is so much sillier in the flesh.

Eurovision party and social in London

4. And selfies are so much cuter cheek-to-cheek.


5. There’s no app for a hug…

Summer social in London

6. …And definitely not for a group hug.

summer social in the park with thinking bob

7. Birthday cookies are way better than birthday Facebook likes.

Birthday cookies

8. WhatsApp is no replacement for drinks with old friends.

Pub quiz in London with thinking bob

9. And Facebook chats don’t come with a free sunrise.

Sun rise over London skyline

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