8 friendship goals that make every friendship complete

2nd August 2015

Happy Friendship Day, London! It’s no secret that at thinking bob we’re fans of making friends.

But even once you’ve built those connections, there are so many lovely milestones to look forward to. That’s half the fun! Here are our favourite friendship goals that make every friendship complete.

1. That moment you realise you’ve forgotten about moaning about work.

roxie 2

2. When you don’t care if people are looking…

3. …As long as you’re having fun.


4. When they’re the only people who understand your nerdy obsession(s).

TV pub quiz

5. That perfect victory photo.


6. When it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last saw each other.


7. When their happiness is your happiness.

TV Pub Quiz Friends!

8. And, most importantly, outfit co-ordination.

Friendship goals: cat with matching socks

Our friendship goal: meet lovely new friends!

New friendships are built through shared experiences. And here at thinking bob, those shared experiences are our speciality!

Every month we host 50-60 socials designed to help you meet people you connect with. Whether it’s a murder mystery evening, a treasure hunt round London’s fantastic museums, a pub quiz with real buzzers or just a trip to the pub, our members are never short of something to do and friends to meet!

Coming on your own? Hate small talk? No problem! Our events take the awkwardness out of making new friends.

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