7 ways Thinking Bob has changed my life

4th February 2016

To say something changed your life is a big statement, isn’t it? But, after three years, one engagement, a wedding, a career change, one blog (inspired by my bobbing adventures), countless quizzes and museums, many 90s music sing-a-longs, and more Uber rides than I care to count, I can safely say that Thinking Bob has indeed changed my life.

And, if you let it, I know it can change yours too.

It was in February 2013 that I stood outside a bar in Soho, nervously nibbling on some McDonald’s chips and debating whether to walk in and enter a room full of strangers that could either love me or judge me.

If I’m honest, I almost walked away. It had taken me weeks to build up to this moment, to sign my name down to an event that I thought my nerves could cope with. And now I was here: I’d run out of excuses and had to actually go through with it.

And I did it.

I took a deep breath, muttered a profanity under my breath, and walked in to hopefully meet the people who would pull me out of my London slump.

(It turned out to be the wrong bar, but that’s not the point…)

That night, I met Becks, Phil, and James – the co-founders of Thinking Bob – who would welcome me into their little circle and show me a side of London that would impact my love life, my career and my time in London forever.

Here are 7 life lessons I’ve learned in three wonderful years as a bobber…

1. Friends, loves-of-your-life and celebrities: you never know who you might meet when you say “yes”!

thinking bob prague

Ewen MacIntosh at thinking bob TV quiz

2. Crisps always make for a more productive evening of work.

thinking bob headquarters

3. And lectures are always better with cider.

lecture at the science museum

4. As is the beach…

Brighton beach social with thinking bob

5. Silent discos are the best kind of discos.

Silent disco at science museum late

6. Beware photobombers lurking in the shadows…

thinking bob halloween party 2013

7. The best way to spend Saturday nights? Spontaneous trips to 80s bars!

loop bar oxford street

To say that something changed your life is a big statement, but the truth is that I went to my first event with low expectations of actually getting something meaningful out of it and, three years on, I’m still here.

I’m certain I wouldn’t have met any of my close friends, had half as many interesting experiences and conversations and been to so many interesting places now if I hadn’t taken that first step into the (wrong) pub.

To anyone still on the fence about whether to give this a try, I say do it.

Unsurprisingly, I’m very glad I did.

Written by:

Charlotte Gunnell

London blogger and loyal bobber on a mission to find chilled-out, cultured and unusual corners of the city. Lover of Lego and the odd historical drama.


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