7 Budget Friendly Getaways

1st November 2017

Sometimes it’s good to get away from busy city life and immerse yourself in new surroundings. Whether you are a nature person or someone who loves wandering the streets for some culture, we’ve got the best budget-friendly getaways in this blog. Escape London life without breaking the bank and still have a great time.

There are several ways to make your money go further when travelling. If your budget is tight then look into things like Couchsurfing or Workaway. Often you can find free accommodation in the cities you are most wanting to visit. Alternatively, hostels and cheaper B&B’s are also a great option. If luxury is more your thing, then a hotel for the weekend is also the perfect way to escape London life.


budget friendly getaways

Florence, the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and most magnificent budget-friendly getaway. For £70 return flights into Pisa (plus a short train journey into Florence), it’s a place you don’t want to miss this year. Dubbed the “Athens of the Middle Ages”, Florence is covered with culture, spectacular architecture and oozing with art. Stay in a hostel to keep costs low but still enjoy the view by staying at Plus Hostel with their rooftop pool for just £35 per night.

Alternatively, join us for our big adventure to Florence! Our price includes a guided tour, queue jump to see David and lots of fun social dinners.


7 Budget Friendly Getaways

Jump on a plane and head to Ireland’s bustling capital, Dublin. Flights are only 1 hour 30 minutes so it takes almost no time to get there and back. Flights are as little as £30 per person so already you’re saving big bucks on your travels. Staying in Dublin doesn’t need to cost you as well as there are always last minute deals for hotel rooms that haven’t yet been booked. Alternatively, if you’re only there for a short break, take a look at Couchsurfing. Stay with a local for free and get a real feel for the city. A hotel could cost you £60-£80 per night so keep your eye out for those last minute deals.

There are lots of things to get up to in Ireland’s capital and you can easily keep yourself busy for the weekend. Have a sip on a pint of Guinness at Temple Bar and then engage in a full blown pub crawl – this is a must in Ireland! Alternatively, spend a day hitting all of Dublin’s monuments, museums and historic sites.


7 Budget Friendly Getaways

Getting to Bath is cheap and quick especially with sites like Megabus. A Megabus for two people to Bath is £20 return and only takes 3 / 3.5 hours. Alternatively, hop on a train for around £100 for two people and this only takes 1.5 hours. A hotel in Bath is very pricey and cost up to £100 per night, but don’t despair there is alternative accommodation like Airbnb that goes for £20-£30 per night which is much more reasonable.

Bath is a beautiful city with it’s cobbled streets and oozing character. It’s easy to spend a great weekend here exploring the streets dotted with their incredible street performers and delicious waffle stands. Spend a day getting lost in Bath city and relaxing at the Roman Baths. Don’t forget to check out Bath Abbey and it’s stunning architecture and design, plus walk along the Pulteney Bridge and gaze at the boats going by.


7 Budget Friendly Getaways

Getting to Dorset is a little tougher if you are wanting to hit all of the incredible beaches. Hiring a car is your best option and gives you the freedom to leave whenever and go wherever. However if you don’t drive then getting to Weymouth is your best option. Two cheap singles for a return trip is around £90 and from there you can take the trains to each of your beach stops.

Accommodation in Weymouth is around £20 per night for 2-4 people on Airbnb which is extremely reasonable! However, hotels can cost a minimum of £60 per night so if it’s budget you are looking for, check out Airbnb or even Couchsurfing.

You don’t need to leave the country to get a bit of sun and sea. Spend a weekend beach hopping with Dorset’s cliff lined beaches and stunning landscapes. Take a trip to Lulworth Cove and explore this natural wonder; then hop on over to Durdle Door for another natural wonder in the form of a rock arch. If you are wanting museums and culture, take a stroll through the Tank Museum and short drive away pop on in to Monkey World.


7 Budget Friendly Getaways

Airbnb in Brighton can be as little as £8 per night which is brilliant if you are travelling on a budget. Public transport is relatively cheap and reliable as well so getting in and around Brighton is cheap and quick.

If you live in London, you have most likely already visited Brighton. This seaside town is famous for its pebble beaches and the famous Brighton Palace Pier. Spend one day exploring ‘The Lanes’ in Brighton’s centre where you can stop for delicious coffees, ice creams and even Brighton’s famous, ChoccyWoccyDoodah for melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. On your second day you could explore Brighton’s parks like St Ann’s Well Gardens Hove or Hove Park and spend your afternoon at Sea Life Brighton or at the Royal Pavilion.


7 Budget Friendly Getaways

Getting to Berlin is extremely cheap and flights there can be as little as £20 return per person. Accommodation is around £20-£30 for an Airbnb and a hotel would set you back around £60-£70 per night. Couchsurfing in Berlin is big so it would be a great city to stay with a local for free in their home.

Berlin is a foodie’s heaven and recently rates as one of the top cities to visit for vegan food. If you are more into historic sites, then take a walk to the Berlin Wall, the barrier that divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989 and pay your respects at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. You can easily get lost in the city’s cultural and historical landmarks so spending the entire weekend here just wandering the streets and exploring local cuisine is a brilliant way to see Berlin and escape London for a short while.


7 Budget Friendly Getaways

You can get flights to Lisbon for £50+ return per person and on Airbnb you can rent yourself and your friends a comfortable apartment for as little as £14 per night. A hotel in Lisbon will likely set you back £30+ per night so make sure you choose somewhere central to save on transport.

Immerse yourself in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon and explore the food, culture and warm weather. Stroll around Lisbon’s historical landmarks like Belem Tower, Sao Jorge Castle and Praco Do Comercio whilst soaking in the sun. Alternatively, go deep under the sea at Lisbon Oceanarium and hit up the Museums like Berardo Collection Museum for some contemporary and fine art.

Lisbon is filled with amazing and beautiful things to do and see so take your time here and really enjoy the sites, weather and architecture. If you’re looking for a beach break as well, then hop on a bus and enjoy a beach day at the beaches that surround the capital.


7 Budget Friendly Getaways

Getting to Vilnius will set you back around £100 for return flights per person (depending on when you go). But accommodation is relatively cheap at around £30+ per night for a hotel or rent an apartment for £20 per night on Airbnb. You definitely get what you pay for here so expect your £20 to go a long way especially on accommodation!

Explore a little further out and visit Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius. Take a stroll through the medieval old town and enjoy its Baroque architecture.  Spend a day taking in the sites, architecture and history and relax at Alaus Biblioteka for an amazing range of beer and ale.

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