13 things all true Crystal Maze fans will remember

23rd June 2015

90s TV fans rejoice – The Crystal Maze is back, complete with original host Richard O’Brien! Have you got your ticket yet?

Whether or not you’ll be joining the Crystal Maze ranks when the ‘live immersive experience’ opens, here are 13 things that only true fans will remember from their youth. How many do you remember?

1. Richard O’Brien: the original – and best – Crystal Maze host.

Fun Richard O’Brien fact: Before starting his hosting duties on The Crystal Maze, Richard O’Brien wrote the cult musical Rocky Horror Picture Show, co-wrote the screenplay for the 1975 film adaptation and even starred as Riff Raff in the film.

2. The bemused looks on the contestants’ faces during his pre-game skits…

3. The phrases “I’m coming out!” and “Will you start the fans please!”

4. Richard O’Brien’s harmonica

Piercing the contestants’ cries of ‘try turning the cogs!’ and ‘press U3!’ during games was O’Brien and his trademark harmonica, which served to keep him (and the audience) amused when the contestants were being a bit rubbish.

5. Mumsy, Ralph the Butler and Aunt Sabrina

O’Brien ruled the Crystal Maze with the help of his ‘Mumsy’ and her lover Ralph the Butler, and later Aunt Sabrina. Eventually our intrepid host left the show to live with Mumsy and Ralph, leaving Ed Tudor Pole to take over the helm.

Fun ‘Mumsy’ fact: Actress Sandra Cohen also played Fanny in Carry On Camping in 1969.

6. Being told off for shouting at the TV when stuff like this happened.

And Richard O’Brien’s exasperated comments between the shouting.

Fun fact: Only 17 teams ever actually ‘won’ The Crystal Maze.

7. The strategic/awkward player sacrfice

When a contestant failed to finish a game and didn’t get out before the time expired, their team-mates had to choose to either sacrifice a crystal to get them out, or leave them in there.

Things got a little awkward when they decided that their colleague wasn’t worth it, and the offending contestant was left to wait out the rest of the show on their lonesome.

8. The guy who slips over just running between games during the theme song.

As well as all the other fails they decided to include in each theme song before every episode.

Fun Crystal Maze theme song fact: It’s called Force Field.

9. How each crystal was only worth five seconds in the Crystal Dome

Really?! Only five? Bit harsh considering all the work it took them to get them there in the first place.

10. And, while we’re at it, how do you avoid catching silver tokens while they’re flying around like this?

11. How some of the games seemed pretty impossible.

12. When they swapped the Industrial zone for the Ocean zone

And no one could decide whether that was a good thing or not.

13. The ‘I cracked the Crystal Maze’ crystal

And how that ‘consolation prize’ now seems like a much better prize than whatever it was the winners got.

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