12 Reasons to Meet Bob before Christmas!

9th December 2015


Christmas is on its way! The countdown has started, and it’s now less than 3 weeks until Santa puts in his annual appearance.

The jumpers are on, the mince pies are in the oven, the Christmas present shopping is in full swing, and you know what? We think it’s time you treated yourself as well.

It can get kind of lonely around this time of year, with everyone so busy with work and office parties, and it can sometimes seem like mission impossible to meet up with anyone.

Well don’t you worry, we’ve got you sorted.

Here are 12 reasons why Christmas is the best time to become a Thinking Bobber!

1. People are extra friendly around Christmas time.

Although we’re always very friendly here at Thinking Bob, we find we’re full of extra-special festive cheer throughout December, which makes everyone that little extra bit more welcoming (the copious amounts of mulled wine and mince pies help too!)

bob xmas

2. You get a head start on the New Year.

If you get to a couple of socials  before Christmas, you’ll already know some of the hosts and members by January, and beat the New Year’s rush of newbies.

3. Meet that special someone beneath the mistletoe…

We’re not a dating site. All we do is provide a super-friendly and chilled out environment for you to meet new people. But it’s Christmas… and who knows what could happen during this magical time of the year!

bob xmas

4. If you don’t do it now you’ll forget.

There’s nothing like biting the bullet, taking the plunge, seizing the moment – whichever way you put it, we’re all guilty of never getting around to the things we promise ourselves we’ll do. There quite literally is no time like the present!

5. Hibernating is nice… but fresh air, exercise and laughter is better!

Look, we know it feels nice to curl up inside when the weather is cold, but it’s a scientific(ish) fact that getting out and about, stretching your legs and breathing in the fresh air, is actually better for you. Which neatly leads me to our next point…

6. Being alone can actively make you ill.

Science says that socialising can help build your immune system and ward off a cold. So Dr Bob is here to tell you that our community is the best cure for the sniffles!

7. It’s the only time of year you’ll see Team Bob running around London, dressed as Christmas mascots!

team snowman 2015

8. We’ve got the in on all the best festive fun in London!

There’s so much great stuff happening in the city over the holidays that it can be hard to know what’s worth your time and money… Well good news: we’ve done all the hard work for you! Our calendar is packed with all the best festive events London has to offer.

9. You can let your hair down!

Everyone worries about the potential embarrassment of making a fool of themselves at the office Christmas party. But you know what? Bob will never judge. The sillier the better as far as we’re concerned!

10. We do the diary-coordinating for you.

Does anyone else find it impossible to arrange a group meetup in December? Coordinating diaries with friends can be a logistical nightmare! But at Thinking Bob, there are always people signed up to join you at events, so you’ll never be stuck for company.

thinking bob app

11. The Thinking Bob app is launching on the 18th!

Our app is going live on December 18th and it’s set to revolutionise the Thinking Bob world! Look out for an interactive social map, easy log-in, instant and group messaging between friends.

12. We’re having a party!

Come to our Big Bob Christmas Bash! It’s going to be a night of fun and frolicks, with plenty of music, laughter and booze thrown in for good measure. Long-time members will be showing off their party tricks and recreating some of the best showbiz moments from our previous socials, and we’ll also be giving out our Bob Awards (categories including: Host of the Year, Performance of the Year, Most Engaged New Member and our Chatty Bobber award!)

So don’t be a ninny, sign up to Thinking Bob today and make Christmas 2015 your merriest yet!

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