11 myths about Londoners that just aren’t true

23rd August 2015

Us Londoners have an (undeserved) reputation for being a bit grumpy. But, while we all have our off-days, we’re actually rather wonderful once you look beyond the Tube (which, on a bad day, would make anyone a bit miffed).

Here are 11 things we know aren’t true about Londoners (at least, not at thinking bob), and the photos to prove it…

1. All Londoners are cold and heartless.

TV pub quiz

2. Too serious for our own good.


3. So wrapped up in our careers…


4. And always moaning about something.

Game of Phones

5. And we can’t take a joke, either…

Gameshow pub quiz London

6. The Tube strike ground us all to a halt.


7. We don’t speak to each other.

pub quiz with thinking bob

gameshow pub quiz

8. Especially not on the Tube…

people talking on the tube in london

9. Nope, Londoners aren’t sociable people.


10. Not at all.


11. Not one bit…

Retro sports day at thinking bob 2015

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