10 Things Every Geek Needs This Christmas

12th December 2016

It’s that time of year again where everyone gathers around the Christmas tree and opens those much anticipated presents. Buying Christmas presents is always a nightmare, occasionally ending up with a Pandora charm or a bath bomb from Lush. We wanted to make things easier and more unique this year with this Geeky Christmas list. Here are Thinking Bobs 10 things every geek needs this Christmas.

A Thinking Bob Membership


There is something great about getting together with your fellow geeks and setting about London town. Get yourself or a loved one a Thinking Bob Membership (first month is free!) and explore the city like you’ve never done before. Come along to all of our Trivia nights, escape rooms and immersive reality games and meet likeminded people who we’re sure you will love!

Virtual Reality Headset

VR headset, geeky christmas

This is not to be missed this Christmas 2016. There are tons of options out there for the best VR headsets including the Oculus Rift. But it doesn’t necessarily need to break the budget. The Playstation VR is £349.95 and is a cheaper alternative for a high quality VR headset. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, check out the Samsung Gear VR which is only £53. Either way, a VR Headset will no doubt put a smile on a geeks face this Christmas.

Game of Thrones Clue

Game Of Thrones Christmas Present

Winter is here and this board game will help get rid of those GOT withdrawalels. The game is similar to the standard version of Clue, but with all of the exhilarating murder mysteries taken straight from Westeros. It’s a fun and cheaper alternative to a murderously great Christmas for only £30.

Tickets to see The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon Christmas Presents for Geeks

Sometimes the best presents are the ones where you laugh, laugh and laugh. Instead of a Christmas gift why not bag some theatre tickets to see The Book of Mormon. South Park creators, ‘The Book of Mormon’ musical is the funniest show in London and is definitely not to be missed.

Brick Yourself (or a loved one)

Personalised Lego Christmas Presents for Geeks

Tell Firebox a few tidbits about yourself or your loved one. What do they wear, their hobbies or some facts and they’ll make you a little lego version of yourself! Your lego character comes framed with a quote underneath and is a lovely, personalised Christmas present.

Polaroid Z2300

Polaroid Christmas presents for geeks

Capture your Christmas memories with these mini polaroids. The Polaroid Z2300 lets your crop and add filters to your photographs before printing – and printing is instant. It’s the perfect gift for any budding photographer or Instagram addict.

Sudoku Toilet Roll

Sudoku Toilet Roll Christmas presents for geeks

This gift will made those moments on the loo seem like a distant memory. Engross yourself with these mathematical puzzles while you enjoy some quality alone time.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Lightsaber Chopsticks christmas presents for geeks

Eat in style with these brilliant Lightsaber Chopsticks. May the force be with you and your chicken chow mein.

Super Mario Heat Change Mug

Super Mario Heat Change Mug

This is silly gift. And by silly, we mean, amazing. It’s a mug, that transforms when it’s heated. Check out this video if you want proof – it really does work, and it makes your tea breaks that much more fun.

Electronic Chewbacca Mask

Electronic Chewbacca Mask

I think we saved the best for last. Did you ever see that video of the laughing Chewbacca woman? If not, you are truly missing out; watch it here now (skip ahead to 2:02 if you’re in a rush). Now, doesn’t a Chewbacca mask seem like the perfect Christmas present or what?

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