10 reasons not to join Thinking Bob

Ever talked yourself out of doing something? Yeah, us too.

Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s nerves, maybe we’re just not sure that something’s right for us. Either way, as humans, we’re very skilled at creating reasons for ourselves to not do something.

But you know what? Sometimes those reasons are just excuses.

So here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t join Thinking Bob… and 10 reasons why those reasons are very, VERY wrong.

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1. What if it’s too expensive?

With over 60 events a month, over 10,000 profiles in London, and members who’ve stuck around since we launched in 2013, we think that £19 a month is really good value!

But we realise that you might want to try before you buy, which is why we give you:

  • A month’s free trial to start with.
  • The chance to cancel at any point.
  • Loads of free events to try before you make a decision.

Even on your free month, you’ll have full access to our curated calendar of socials, as well as loads of great people to hang out with. So, what have you got to lose?

2. Isn’t going out on my own to meet a bunch of strangers a bit weird?

We promise it isn’t! The majority of our members join on their own: that’s part of the fun.

Not only will you find plenty of people in the same boat, but when you arrive at any event you’ll be welcomed by one of our smiling hosts who will make sure you’re introduced to the rest of the group.

Still feeling unsure? Give one of our new members nights a go first. These are organised especially for people who are just getting started in the community, so definitely you won’t be alone!

3. What if I can’t find the group on the day?

Don’t worry, we send out reminders the morning of the social, with the host’s name and phone number. We even add in a little photo so you know exactly who to look for!

So if you get lost, just give them a ring and they’ll direct you.

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4. Thinking Bob? Does that mean everyone’s going to be ridiculously smart?

Don’t worry! Our events are all about getting people to use their brain in different ways, whether it’s by answering a geography question in a quiz or creating a beautiful hat out of tin foil in a team challenge!

It’s all about connecting with new people, discovering the city and trying new things – it’s also a great way to break the ice.

5. I’m not sure I’ll get enough use out of my membership…

There’s no minimum number of events to attend. We host over 60 events a month, but if you can only make one or two a month then that’s cool. At least you know that they’ll be two events that will be well organised, and it will be time well spent!

6. Will I actually meet people I click with?

We give you all the tools for it:

  • Great socials to break the ice.
  • Friendly hosts to help you make introductions.
  • A social circle area on your profile to see more of the people you like.
  • An instant messaging feature so you can easily keep in touch with everyone you met…

Why not invite some of the people you met to join you at the next Thinking Bob event? Or create a social of your own?


7. How do I know that the people I’m meeting are who they say they are? I don’t want to get catfished!

We totally get that and we agree 100%. No one wants to turn up at an event and feel out of place because everyone’s been lying on their profile!

That’s why we ask all our new members to attend a signature social, hosted by us, before anything else. That way, we get to meet absolutely everyone who joins the community and verify that they’re a real person.

So no robots or catfish here!

8. Will I ever see the same people again after the first event?

This is exactly the aim of our community: to help you have shared experiences with the same people rather than meeting tons of new faces each time you go out! We make it easy for you to choose your next social by who you already know, so you can map out your own journey with the people you click with.

You can also send invites to people you’ve met, to get them to join you at your next event, or host private socials just for your social circle.

9. I’m worried people will already have their group of friends and I’ll feel left out…

Please don’t worry! Everyone is really friendly and inclusive. New members will get mixed in with long-timers and everyone gets a chance to speak to everyone else.

10. What if… I absolutely love it?

Well, yes. That might happen. It did for these people. So we’re afraid we can’t guarantee that you won’t fall absolutely head over heels for what Bob has to offer… but that’s a risk you’ll have to take!

Convinced? Great!

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