10 Quirky London Bars

6th June 2017

One thing we do love here at Thinking Bob is a quirky London bar, filled with all the stuff we love. London is brimming with unique bars, from arcade game bars to ping pong bars, London has it all.

1. Bounce

Bounce in Europe’s largest ping-pong bar with some of the best pizzas and cocktails in London town. Have yourself a massive ping pong party whilst enjoying the great music, laughs with friends and delicious drinks.

Take your pick at a Bounce in Old Street or Farringdon, both equipped with everything you need for a great night out.

10 Quirky London Bars


This cosy, live jazz and blues bar is nestled in Shoreditch, nicely hidden on top of Bedroom Bar. This place really is a must-go especially because it has recently been voted one of the best cocktail bars in the world! Trust us, if you’re looking for a great night out with great company, music and drinks, then this is the place to be.

10 Quirky London Bars

3. Adventure Bar

Adventure Bar is nestled in the lovely Clapham Junction. It’s colourful, weird and little ‘out there’ so this is the perfect bar if you’re a little quirky yourself. The bar is based in a Time-Travellers Workshop so be prepared to find some futuristic knick-knacks. With over 50 cocktails on the menu, there’s something for everyone at Adventure Bar.

10 Quirky Bars in London

4. The Four Quarters

Love your video games? How about mixing it up with some old school arcade games and delicious craft beers… Don’t fret if you’re more of a sweet tooth, head downstairs to the Confession Box and grab yourself some of Peckham’s yummy cocktails.

Think, Pac Man and Space Invaders in a setting that is anything but usual or normal. This place really is a great place to kick back with good friends, great 90s music and tasty drinks.

10 Quirky Bars in London

5. Ice Bar London

There is something about getting into a thermal suit and sipping on a gloriously cold cocktail, surrounded by ice. With an Ice Bar dotted around the globe including Paris, Dubai and Japan, there is now one in our beautiful capital, London.

Step inside an experience -5°C and the stunning ice sculptures the surround you as you sip on your carefully crafted cocktail. And if that wasn’t enough, even the glasses you drink from are made of ice. Now this really is a cool way to spend an evening…

10 Quirky London Bars

6. Zigfrid Von Underbelly

This unique space was created as a place for artists, musicians, punks and people of all ages. It truly is worth a visit with its crazy, eye-popping decor, neon signs and blasting music.

Based in Hoxton Square, Zigfrid Von Underbelly is one rocking late night out.

10 Quirky London bars

 7. Tooting Tram and Social

Picture yourself and a few friends in a converted tram shed in Tooting, listing to fantastic live music in this truly unique venue. Tooting Tram and Social is a fun night out and often includes cabaret acts, a revolving DJ and a brilliant crowd.

Located just minutes away from Tooting Broadway Station, find yourself at one of the ‘Top 10 coolest music venues in the UK’.

10 Quirky London Bars

8. The Aviary Bar

It says it right there on the website, ‘The Quirkiest Party Venue in London’, and it’s not wrong! The Aviary Bar is open until 4am so bring your dancing shoes for this one. Drinking inside a cave doesn’t get better than this, with aquariums, chandeliers and a fantastic resident DJ.

This great Marylebone spot is not to miss when looking for one of London’s quirkiest nights out.

Quirky London Bars

9. Evans and Peel Detective Agency

This basement bar off Earl’s Court Road is London’s best kept secret. Get your detective hat on and join your friends for a cocktails at Evens and Peel Detective Agency. The venue sticks to its guns, designed to look like a detective agency with spectacular decor.

Step inside the mind of a detective and find the secrets that lie within, including what’s in their mouth watering cocktails.

Quirky London Bars

10. Drink, Shop & Do.

Last but not least is this gem of a quirky London bar. There is always a ton of things happening at Drink, Shop & Do and they’re always quirky. They’ve got Pompom parties, Lego Robots, arts and crafts (including making your own nipple tassels), bingo, quizzes, bottomless brunches… Seriously, this is the place to be.

Located in Kings Cross, Drink, Shop & Do is one of our favourite drinking spots and anyone with a quirky side should definitely – and come home with a pimped hip flask.

Quirky London Bar

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