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Meet new people at fun, unique events and socials around the city.

Meet new people and friends in London.

Making new friends as an adult is harder than people think - we know, we've been there. Our carefully chosen socials make it fun, easy and natural - a bit like your university days but much classier of course! Jump in and see who you meet this week.

There's an array of smart socials to choose from and with so much going on awkward small talk is a thing of the past. We offer a free month trial and free new members nights so you can check if it's right for you.

We know free time is precious so we promise that we’ll go out of our way to ensure you attend quality socials at well researched venues with genuine people looking to expand their social circle.

As part of our community you can fill your social circle with people you click with and do more of the things you love. Whether you're looking for unique ways to spend your spare time or new friends to socialise with - we've got you covered.

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Our socials

Just for fun

These include great conversation, lovely people and trying something new.

Pub quiz nights

Pub quiz night in London

Join us for the best quiz nights in town and test your skills with the tin foil…

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunt in London

A unique way to explore your city and never a dull moment.

Murder mysteries

Unleash your alter ego and play detective for a night of murderous fun.

Smart talking

Debate night in London

Get your discussion hat on for thinking bob‘s smart talking socials

Escape rooms

Think you can you puzzle your way out of a locked room? Come and give it a try.

Members’ stories

Roxie’s story

Find out what thinking bob has meant to our lovely Roxie since she moved to London.

Kenny’s story

Kenny is one of a kind! Read why he says we were ‘the best pound I ever spent’.

Charlotte’s story

Once a shy new Londoner – now an assured old bobber!

Break your routine and take a different approach to your social life