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Meet new people at fun, unique events and socials around the city.

Forget awkward small talk, and get to know people by the way they think in a new and interesting way.

As part of the community you can fill your social circle with people you click with and do more of the things you love. Whether you're looking for great socials for your spare time or a new group of people to socialise with - we've got you covered.

New faces, new friends

Shared experiences are essential to making new friends. With socials designed with you in mind, you’ll meet people you click with and laugh until your sides ache.... or wine comes out of your nose! There’s loads of socials on the agenda – our conversation dinners make for relaxed, fascinating evenings, while our hunts and street games will take you off the beaten path and fill you with ideas.

Boxing for your brain

If wit can woo you, come and socialise with new friends who spark your synapses. There’s a wealth of events at which you can exercise your intellect with people who enjoy a good debate, love to learn and are proud to have an inner (or outer) geek. Quizzes and discussions are just some ways you can challenge and broaden your horizons with others who share your passion for thinking.

Drinking bob - simple fun

On top of our signature socials we also hold more casual nights - whether at the pub, your favourite restaurant or at a book club - where the only thing on the agenda is catching up with new friends, letting your hair down and checking the Night Bus timetable home. Our online tools allow you to host your own events and grow your social circle whilst making the most of the city.

Break your routine and take a different approach to your social life